In respect the first I Dream performances in Charlotte, North Carolina:

More than 7,500 adults were engaged in Community Dialogues centered around The Dr. King Leadership Principles;

The 5 public performances sold at 94%; with 40% of the audience self-identifying as being new to Opera Carolina; and 42% self-identifying as being ethnically diverse.


The 2018 Opera Carolina performances of I Dream achieved the broadest measured audience age and race demographic in Opera Carolina’s production history.


A Sample of Charlotte Audience Feedback

In order to empirically assess the extent of “inspirational” community impact and transformation of I Dream, Opera Carolina distributed questionnaires by email to audience members attending each of the five 2018 performances of I Dream, and compiled survey data and comments from the individual responses received.  Opera Carolina noted the following:

75.77% rated I Dream as “outstanding”;

70.70% said I Dream provided historical context they were not aware of before;

92.68% said I Dream accurately represented Dr. King and his legacy;

79.94% said they were inspired to learn more about Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement after seeing I Dream;

86.59% said I Dream inspired them to think about what action they can personally take to build on Dr. King’s legacy;

81.88% said I Dream inspired them to attend an I Dream dialogue following their opera experience.


Toledo Community support for I Dream resulted in sold-out shows and attendance with the most demographically diverse attendees Toledo Opera had ever seen in its 59-year history and Toledo Opera’s highest audience attendance.